Reading Assignments:
This course includes readings from your textbook as well as from outside sources. Document your readings from outside sources as journal entries in your Learning Log. Be prepared to discuss both the textbook readings and outside readings in class.

Textbook readings (as indicated on your Assignment Calendar):
For Week 2 - Textbook Section I, Parts 1, 2, & 3
For Week 3 -Textbook Section I, Parts 4 & 5
For Week 4 - Textbook Section I, Parts 6, 7, & 8

Weekly Readings from Outside Sources:
Week 2 Culture
(the first 2 should be represented in your learning Log with separate graphic organizers and reflections.)

Other Ideas for the Story Quilt assignments (any ideas you like from these can be included with your Story Quilt Graphic Organizer in your Learning Log.) These show other lesson ideas and ways of displaying them for the Story Quilt Assignment and for lessons.

The following articles can now be downloaded as a zip file on iLearn in the Getting Started folder in Content.
Week 3 - Governance & Civics
All Read: Powerful and Purposeful Teaching and Learning in Elementary Social Studies

Choice of One of the Following:
  • Teaching and Learning about the U.S. President: Activities for an Election Year
  • We Elect a President: Using Literature to Teach Decision-Making Skills

Week 4 - Economics
All Read– Designing Classroom Spaces to Maximize Social Studies Learning

Choice of One of the Following:
  • The Federal Reserve and the Elementary Classroom
  • Tomb it May Concern: Visit your Local Cemetery for a Multidisciplinary (and Economical) Field Trip + Pullout
  • Let’s Teach Students to Prioritize: Reconsidering “Wants” and “Needs” + Pullout

Week 5 - History
Choice of One of the Following:
  • Using Oral History in the Elementary School Classroom
  • Exploring the Past with 21st Century Tools
  • Strengthening Student Thinking and Writing about World History + Pullout

Week 6 - Primary Sources
Suggested Methods for Integrating Primary Sources into Classroom Instruction - No Summary Required, Please print read & put in Learning Log

Week 7 - Geography
All Read – Google Earth: A Virtual Globe for Elementary Geography

Week 8 - Individuals, Groups, and Interactions
All Read - Ways to Teach About Informational Text

Choose One of the Following:
  • Citizenship as a Verb Teaching Students to Become Informed, Think it Through, and Take Action
  • Four Strategies for Teaching Open-Mindedness