P61 - Attach your papers and artifacts on this page. Include any possible documentation of your group's project in the table below:

The following locations have been requested and are reserved for these groups:
1st & 2nd grade - OR Children's Museum
3rd Grade - Marble Springs John Sevier
4th Grade- Cade's Cove Cemeteries
5th Grade - East Tennessee History Center
6th Grade - Cemetery

1st & 2nd Grade
Spencer Cornett
Allison Brown
Alisha Webber
Katherine Smith

3rd Grade
Chelsie Cox
Morgan Henning
Christi Bowling
Angie Stansberry

John Sevier Field Trip During Activity


Video of pictures from our visit. ^

4th Grade
Bethany Hunt
Maeleah WHite
Courtney Julian
Crystal Taylor

Before the trip-

^TedEd link

5th Grade
Jessica Pace
Kayla Turner
Brittney Dingess
Catelyn Snodgrass

6th Grade
Antoinette Juhl
Marc Cataldi
Chris Hines
Shamz Rajani