P60 - Attach your papers and artifacts on this page. Include any possible documentation of your group's project in the table below:

The following locations have been requested and are reserved for these groups:
1st & 2nd grade - Green McAdoo Cultural Center
3rd Grade - East TN History Museum
4th Grade- James White's Fort
5th Grade - Mabry Hazen House & Bethel Cemetery
6th Grade - The Bleak House

1st & 2nd Grade
Sadie TIbbs
Kami Bumpus
Jordan Bush
Taylor Smith

3rd Grade
Meredith Grimes
Courtney Dukes
Emily Lawson
Christina Kakanis

4th Grade
Hannah Wong
Brittany Manning
Leslie Fitch
Madeline Hal

James white 1.jpgJames white 2.jpgJames white 3.jpg

5th Grade
Brandy Heller
Madison Costner
Rachel Cabera
Caroline Fine

Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 12.06.27 PM.png

6th Grade
Carrie Poteat
Samantha Quintero
Anna Astorga
Sarah Heinemann