1. Information About Our Class Field Trip to the McClung Museum:

ELED 3140 Field Trip - Scheduled Friday, 2/28/14, 9:00AM:

Our class fieid trip is scheduled to begin @ 9:00 AM on Friday, 2/28/14.
We should be finished about 11:00.
Allow yourself time for locating the museum and parking.
You might want to carpool with someone who is familiar with the UT campus.

McClung Museum Brochure:

Museum information, directions to the museum, a map, etc, can be found on their website:

2. Information About Field Trip Activity Assignment:

As a group create activities for a field trip. Use the handouts provided in class as a guide to how to construct the exhibit, center, or board. Your group will need to develop a pre-, during, and post-visit activity.

Choose a destination that you would like to take future students on a field trip. For this option your group must all be able to go to your destination of choice preferably together (but can go separately if you need to). Your group will need to develop a pre-, during-, and post-visit activity. Field trip ideas for this area include but are not limited to:
Appalachian Museum - Norris
Historic Rugby
Museum of Scott County - Huntsville
Children’s Museum of Oak Ridge
Green McAdoo Cultural Center – Clinton
James White’s Fort - Knoxville
East Tennessee History Center - Knoxville
Cemetery (of choice)

Resources for this assignment:

Online article - Museum Field Trip Activities for School Students:
Museum Field Trip Activities for School Students | Suite101