Integrate with Common Core –English Language Arts standards

Each person is required to select one children’s book and one primary source for this assignment, preferably the same content/concept/era, etc. selected for the story quilt but it will be OK to branch out within the grade level.

For this project, you will need to reference the following CC – ELA standards for your grade level
Reading: Literature (grades K-6)
Reading: Informational Text (grades K-6)
Writing (K-6)
Speaking and Listening (K-6)

CC – ELA History/Social Studies Grades 6-8 (6th grade should use these)

Children’s Book
Use the lists of Notable Trade Books for Young People located on the National Council for the Social Studies website to select a book:
Begin with the Notable Trade Book Lists – if you don’t find something that you want after an extensive look, search online.
You will need to locate a copy of your book to bring to class – use your public library or order the book.
Describe an activity that you can complete with your class using your selected book (refer to ideas found in We Elect a President: Using Literature to Teach Decision-Making Skills by Obenchain & Pennington, 2012). Select relevant social studies and CC-ELA standards that apply to your activity. Include question prompts and a graphic organizer that students can use for processing the book related to your selected standards – these should specifically address reading (literature/informational text) and writing standards. There are many ideas for teaching with children’s books that can be found online – use them!

Primary Source

Locate a primary source for your topic/grade level, such as a map, photograph, cartoon, letter, sound recording, etc. Use the Library of Congress website or Teaching with Primary Sources MTSU

Locate a template or worksheet that can be used to analyze your primary source and use the template to analyze your selection. Ready to print analysis forms can be located online.
National Archives -
There are others – just search for what you need.

Locate social studies standards that reference the use of primary sources at your grade level. Also locate CC-ELA standards that apply.


Children's Lit
Primary Source
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