Your challenge is to create an assignment for a Story Quilt for your assigned grade level. Each person in the group should select a different idea/concept/era etc. for the assigned grade level or you can choose to collaborate as a group IF you are able to arrange out of class work time as needed. You will need to briefly describe the requirements you would give to students and describe how you would assess student artifacts. Additionally, you will need to create a sample artifact as you would require of your students. If you are up to getting fabric and sewing, by all means do so; however, I know many of you may not be up to that task (lack of skills, finances, money,… etc.). Some ideas for using the story quilt format in an alternative way include but are not limited to the use of:

If your group members are working individually, you each can make your own choices of format – you don’t all have to use the same format.

Refer to required reading for class for ideas about how story quilts can be used in the classroom.
Sevier, B., Sampish, A., Barnes, M., and Webb, K. (2010). Story quilts: Communicating content and creating connections. Social Studies and the Young Learner. 23(1), pp. 11-15

Examples (Your choices & style of expression will be different to fit your own ideas, topic, & grade level!) You will post picture(s) of your project(s) on the WIki with your project paper(s).

Don't let the examples limit your creativity! :)

Africa project.jpg
South Africa Scrapbook Page

Native American Homes

US Hilstory.jpg
US History