Locate and bring to class an object, piece of literature, artwork, or music that can be used as an attention-getter in the set/introduction of a social studies lesson or unit. Include the following headings in your paper:
Grade level
Lesson Plan Title
Strategy - Name and # as well as page number location of strategy from your textbook
Content Standard (TN Curriculum Standard- Include Content Standard & Learning Expectations)
Objectives – Describe what students should learn as the result of participating in the activity; reference the accomplishment and/or performance indicator(s)
Material (this is the item that you bring)
Set (Introduction)
Lesson Outline.

The Set should describe what you will do with students to introduce the lesson (this is what you will be doing with us in class). The Lesson Outline should be a descriptive paragraph or two about the content knowledge that would be presented during the rest of the lesson pertaining to the performance indicator(s) that you selected (i.e., if you are bringing a piece of artwork from the Renaissance period, you should share what you would want for your students to learn about that period by the conclusion of your lesson). You can share the Lesson Outline content information as part of a concept map (use Inspiration or drawing features of word) in lieu of descriptive paragraphs. In class you will present how you would use the object to introduce your lesson (as you would to the grade level you indicate) - approximately 2 to 10 minutes.
Example from one Lesson Starter 2013